COVID Protocols

2021 WEFA Soccer Covid Protocols & Rules

There are continued risks with Covid-19 and WEFA Soccer will follow the State & Facility guidelines to help prevent the spread. Please do your part to keep fellow participants safe. Below are Policies and procedures we have implemented to help prevent the spread.

• Enter & Exit Gates…See facility flow map below for the designated gates. Participants need to wear masks & maintain social distance while entering/exiting and in all common areas.

• Contact-Free Online Registration, Waivers and Payments via SportsEngin.

• WaitSafer Screening, Roster Verification & Contact Tracing prior to every Match for every Participant. Only participants that have cleared screening will receive a digital ‘Ticket’ that is verified will be allowed to enter the Facilities.

• Face Coverings are Mandatory at the Facility & on the Field. Participants must have facial coverings with them at all times and play with a proper fitting facial covering. Participants may take a ‘mask break’ on the bench when 6ft social distancing can be maintained. Participants may leave the field at any time they feel is necessary.

• Spectators/Fans are not allowed. Only cleared Participants may enter the Facility.

• Designated Team Benches are provided in the weekly Schedule. Participants must wait until their bench is cleared before entering the bench and being allowed onto the field of play.

• Intentional physical contact is now suspended & will be considered a Foul at the discretion of the Referee. Accidental contact & Intermittent 50/50 shoulder to shoulder is considered fair play at the discretion of the Referee.

• We will not distribute pinnies. Participants must wear their assigned color & number to play.

• Pass-Ins will replace Throw-Ins. Pass-Ins must be on the line & remain on the ground. Pass-Ins must touch a player prior to entering the penalty area.

• Corner Kicks will be taken from the touch line beyond the 1st cone & must touch a player prior to entering the penalty area.

• Absolutely No Spitting. Players caught spitting will be issued a Red Card.

• If there are any issues or questions for the referee during the game, only the team manager can approach the referee.

• No handshakes or High Fives. We encourage participants to bring personal sanitizer to sanitize hands before, during & after playing.

• If players start to feel ill at any point, they should immediately remove themselves and exit the facility.

• If any participant tests positive for Covid-19 within 14 days of playing, we ask that they notify us as soon as possible. If informed of a positive test, we will follow the current disclosure and contact tracing protocols. Any communication required will be handled in accordance with health regulations and will ensure the confidentiality of the reporting person. Covid-19 positive players should follow the guidance of the CDC and state prior to returning and may be required to show a negative test result.
*All policies are subject to change as this fluid situation evolves and state & facility guidelines change.