• All players must be 18+ and Register via SportsEngin before playing.
• All players must Sign in to Team via WaitSafer & show eTicket before playing each game.
• All players must be on your roster…16 player max and final by week 4 kick-off.
• WEFA Soccer is not responsible for persons who have not signed the Liability Waiver.
• Above all, Players are expected to be respectful and sportsmanlike…’fun, fair footy with fellow futbollers!’
• Higher standard for Unnecessary (from Behind), Excessive Force (Hard) and Persistent Infringement (Continuous) fouls will be Yellow or Red carded as deemed fit by the Referee.
• Taunting and Referee Dissent (verbal or action) can result in an immediate ejection and player will be subject to suspension by a League Official.
• For the protection of the field…ONLY WATER is allowed on the field.
• Clean-up after yourselves and each other.
• Please be ready to start as soon as the previous match ends.
• There will be room behind either side to warm up.
• 8v8 soccer with referees.
• Half-sized fields with 7×21 goals.
• Two 25 min halves with a 2 min half-time.
• Teams must have same colored jerseys or full Team will wear Pinnies.
• All COED Leagues are No Intentional Contact…only 50/50 shoulder to shoulder @ Referee discretion.
• Co-Ed Teams must have at least 3 women field players…GK not included.
• Players must wear shin-guards.
• For the protection of the field and players…no metal cleats/studs.
• Substitutions ‘On The Fly’ at mid-field.
• No sliding.
• No off-sides.
• Throw-ins must touch a player before entering Opposing Penalty Area.
• Goalie Restarts (from possession/goal kicks) must leave Own Penalty Area & touch a player before entering Opposing Penalty Area.
• Goalie Restarts must touch another player before using their own feet.
• All Restarts result in an Indirect Kick, unless a Corner Kick or a PK is awarded.
• Yellow Card = player may be asked to leave pitch for a sub.
• 2 Yellow Cards in same match = Red Card.
• Red Card (Ejection) = player must report to League Official, then leave premises (without a sub) and will be Suspended one or more games, as deemed by the League Officials.
• 3 Yellow Cards in any Season for any one Player results in Suspension one or more games, as deemed by the League Officials.
• All injuries must be reported to a League Official & a the injured player & manager must fill out a Player Injury Report.
• Head Injuries or suspected Head injuries must have involved player leave the Game and report to a League Official. Confirmed Head Injuries must provide proof of Doctor clearance to play again.
• Any rules not specifically covered will be taken from FIFA’s Laws of the Game.
• 5 players (minimum 1 woman) are required to start a match.
• Forfeits will result in a loss with a score of 3-0.
• Please notify the league in advance if you need to forfeit a game so a replacement team can be arranged.
• Matches will be played ‘rain or shine’ unless cancelled by Field Owner/Operators.
• If there is a cancellation, all managers will be notified via text and we will attempt to add make-up games.
• Only Paid and Rostered players can participate in playoffs.
• League has the right to request Photo ID for roster validity during Playoffs.
• Playoffs occur at the end of the season…format TBD.
• Seeding will be based on regular season standings. * Regular season wins=3 pts, ties=1 pt, losses=0 pts.
• Ties in the standings will be resolved by: wins, head to head, goal differential, best-dressed team, best team cheer.