OUTDOOR 8v8 SOCCER Summer & Fall Seasons
Format: 8v8, half-field, full-goals, 1hr matches, outdoor, no off-sides
Seasons: Summer: MAY-JUL, Fall: AUG-OCT
Leagues: CO-ED, CO-ED Over 30, Mens, Mens Over 35
Divisions: A (competitive), B (competitive/intermediate), C (intermediate)
Nights: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur
Game Times: 7-10pm weekdays, 5-9pm weekend
$1200: Referee & Processing Fees Included
9 Matches: 6-7 Reg Season & 2-3 Playoff
Field 1:(North/South) Cranston Stadium (astro-grass) View Map
Field 2:(East/West) Johnson & Wales Harborside Field View Map
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A Letter From The Founder

We are excited for our 8th year of the original 8v8 outdoor soccer league in Rhode Island…WEFA Soccer. Fancy some fantastic footy and frosty frothies with fellow futbollers?!?
WEFA play in the great outdoors = fresh air and vitality
WEFA small-sided games = increased action and involvement
WEFA effort & sportsmanship = friendly and respectful competition
WEFA celebrating = well-deserved post match pints
Get out your cleats and Get Megged!