OLE’ Welcome to WEFA Soccer 2.0!


Click Here for CO-ED & MENS 2016 Spring League Details. If you have any questions about the League, Registration, Payments, Finding or Creating a Team, please email me at wefasoccer@gmail.com. Thank you and looking forward to sharing some passes and pints on match night!!!

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3 Comments on “OLE’ Welcome to WEFA Soccer 2.0!

  1. The new site looks pretty sweet. Looking forward to the Spring Season!

  2. What’s the point of inter-league play if the teams are even in C-League? Doesn’t that cause a major disadvantage for C-Leaguers?

    • Hi, thanks for the ? It is nice to find out this part of the new site, so sorry for the delay…
      Since we currently place teams in divisions (no relegation system) and from years of past cross division matches when growing the League; we feel this provides a unique opportunity for both sides and is most times unplanned.

      Teams/players playing up could raise their game knowing the situation, gain confidence & momentum from a well played match or favorable result and those playing down may be more apt to try new formations or player positions and overcome the classic ‘playing down to opponents level’.

      These cross division matches are typically kept 1-2 matches per season and the are tracked so each team has a equal amount (or 1 off at most) for balance in the standings. These match ups sometimes happen due to…
      1. New teams not sure of their level in comparison to past teams or player changes in returning teams.
      2. Schedule change Requests that we try our best to accommodate to limit Forfeits.
      3. Divisions having an odd # of Teams, so 1 B Team may need to play an A or C each week.
      …still, these are tracked and adjustments in future Schedule to even out are made if possible. Much of this is due to Field limitations and Scheduling in attempting our best to have a match for every team every week. We could put 8 teams in every Division, have fewer Divisions or more Byes, but guessing most would rather play every week with a few cross matches rather than multiple Byes or a whole season in an improper Division.

      Have we had a lower div team get dominated or a higher seem unchallenged?…yes, but these happen in same division as well and think the potential benefits for teams/players are greater. Most importantly, every team makes the Playoffs and gets same # of matches in our League.

      Hope you enjoy playing with us and feel free to reply. GL out there!